Our Values

Pure didn't begin like other companies

It started in my kitchen and was inspired by my daughter. When Anna was 6, she made the decision on her own to become vegetarian. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to support her decision so I took to the kitchen to create clean and nutritionally balanced foods that she would love. The same convictions that led me to create the perfect snack bar for Anna, now 17, still drive everything we do as a company.

Not just for kids, we make clean, nutritionally balanced, delicious food for all ages. This is what makes Pure special.   - Veronica, Pure Founder

Pure is simple and clean.

We use the highest quality ingredients in all of our products. As a mom, I won’t compromise on that. My grandma used to say “eat things as close to their natural state as possible”. This is why we choose simple ingredients from the earth. We use ingredients in our products that are certified organic, non GMO, gluten free, and kosher. No soy or dairy ingredients are used.

No pesticides, no bioengineering, no junk.
What other bar or snack company can say that?

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