Gardening in Small Spaces with Pure Bar’s Veronica Bosgraaf


No space to garden? You’d be surprised what you can grow in a small area! Whether it’s gardening in a tiny corner of your yard or planting pots on a small porch, you can grow and reap an amazing harvest. It’s incredible the amount of money you can save by growing your own herbs and produce, not to mention the benefits your body will receive by eating fresh, healthy herbs, greens and fruits from your own garden!

In this week’s video, urban gardener Mike Lieberman teaches me about the easiest plants to grow in small spaces and how to get started with your own small garden.

– Veronica


Tips to growing in small spaces

Plant and care for an herb garden for her
Use a natural pre-fertilized potting soil
Start with leafy greens like lettuce, spinach, and kale to build confidence
Choose to grow the produce you will eat the most
Try herbs because they are expensive to buy in the store but easy to grow
Take sunlight and temperature into account when choosing the right plants
Plants that are indigenous or grow naturally in your region are easier to grow

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