What is “Clean Eating?”

Posted on November 18, 2015

“Clean eating” is the phrase given to food that undergoes few alterations between farm and shelf. Those who follow this eating concept seek whole foods that are minimally processed and as close to their natural state as possible. Unlike most short-term diets, clean eating is not about weight loss, and it is considered a way of life. Follow the tips below to clean up your diet and enjoy your favorite foods just as nature intended.

Read Every Label
So, what exactly is processed food? Any practice that changes the form of a natural food item can be considered “processing.” Though cooked food is technically “processed,” those who follow a clean eating plan are more concerned with other forms of food alternations; for example, adding chemicals, fat, or preservatives to benefit the taste and shelf life of a food.

When you shop for groceries, look closely at every label. Tracking the ingredients of your favorite items will help you stay away from products with additives, as well as foods that have been “refined” (another word for “stripped of nutrition”). Also, and this should go without saying, if you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients on the label, then the product shouldn’t go into your cart.

Shop the Perimeter
Most grocery stores position fresh food products around the perimeter of the building, stocking crisp fruits and vegetables adjacent to bulk grains, raw meats, and fresh fish. Limit your shopping to these areas to ensure you’re getting the purest foods possible. Though the center aisles of your local grocery store typically house highly processed junk food and frozen items laden with preservatives, there are a few exceptions. These days, more stores are making an effort to offer healthy organic snacks that are suitable as part of a clean eating plan. Organic foods are held to higher standards, making them free of synthetic chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Learn to Cook
Making your meals from scratch can be the best way to ensure the quality of every dish:
• Skip over-salted canned soup, and make your own vegetable broth to serve as a base for fresh vegetable bisques and winter stews.
• Pass on pre-packaged pasta sauces with added sugar and create your own with fresh tomatoes, cold-pressed olive oil, and roasted garlic.
• Prepare a pot of steamed jasmine rice and recreate your favorite takeout fried rice with ingredients you can trust.

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