The Perfect Halloween Treat

Posted on October 8, 2014

Does an organic, gluten free treat, made with fruit and vegetable purees and juices as well as ingredients like vegetable juice and turmeric for color instead of artificial ingredients, sound too Pure to be true? As a mom, I agree that it may sound unbelievable but trust me when I say that my kids and their friends can’t get enough of our Pure Fruit Snacks and I feel very good about that (plus they are on sale on our website right now)!

I totally understand the frustration moms feel with their kids wanting junk food while we try to feed them healthy foods. We created Pure Fruit Snacks because we want a better fruit snack option. Even most organic fruit snacks have tapioca syrup and cane sugar as the first two ingredients. Not Pure. It is my go to treat for lunches and convenient sweet snacks.

This Halloween it will also be the treat that I give out of my front door. I want to show moms and kids that real and healthy food can be delicious, and stand up for what I am so passionate about, eating real organic food.

Pure Fruit snacks are on sale on our website right now, plus you can get free shipping on orders over $39.00! This fall, let Pure Fruit Snacks help you live a little healthier and easier.

– Veronica