Pure Achieves Record Growth and Media Attention

Posted on January 8, 2015

It has been quite a year for Pure! When I began making bars in my kitchen for my daughter, I wasn’t even thinking about starting a company. I was just trying to feed my family right. What I realized when I founded Pure is that there were so many others that also yearned for healthy, convenient, and delicious organic food. This response, your response, has created over 100% growth in Pure this year, and unprecedented media coverage in the most notable magazine, television and online outlets.

We are so grateful for all of you who through your commitment to healthy, organic food have made this happen, and we are excited to continue to expand our product line for you in 2015 to include even more delicious and innovative Pure bars, fruit snacks, finger snacks and weight management products.

As a mom, having access to healthy, organic food is very important to me! I still always include my kids in the testing of new products and ask mom friends for nutritional approval. Pure is pure, and committed to always being so.

My cookbook, Pure Food which launches February 17 is meant to bring more healthy food into our lives by inspiring people to get back into the kitchen to create simple and nutritious meals. We all have made a stand for healthy, organic food in 2014; let’s continue this trend and work together to create a healthier food supply in 2015!

– Veronica

What is the Media saying about Pure?

Idina Menzel’s “must haves” –Web MD

“Best Whole Grain Bar” –Real Simple

“Supermarket Stars” –Women’s Health

Winner, “Healthy Food Awards” –Fitness

“Best Choices” –Better Homes and Gardens

“Smart Swap” –Parents

“Blissful Bars” –Examiner.com

“Extra Yummy Standout” –Better Nutrition

“Hottest Trends, Bars” –Today’s Dietitian

“10 Best Bites” –US Magazine

Winner “Veg Picks” –VegNews

“Power Seeds” –Pilates Style

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