Microgreen Madness

Posted on April 10, 2014

About a week ago, I was introduced to microgreens. I ordered a veggie pizza at one of my favorite local, home grown restaurants, Salt of the Earth, and it showed up covered in tiny plants. When I asked the server about these “tween” plants, not really sprouts but not grown-up vegetables either, he introduced me to the concept of microgreens.

On our not just slightly amazing pizza, there were radish and celery microgreens. They didn’t look anything like radishes or celery stalks but rather little plant shoots like the kind you see in the spring or basically a stem, and tiny set of leaves. They were fresh and delicious. But why eat microgreens?

According to this NPR article the first scientific study into microgreens was mind blowing. Compared to their adult counterparts, microgreens had between 4 and 6 times more nutrients. It seems like these baby plants are essentially concentrated forms of the adult vegetables. I suddenly envisioned a sprinkling of handful of these greens on every salad and pizza my kids eat. And what’s great too is that because these baby veggies are so young they have a mild flavor much different than the full grown vegetable.

I will definitely start to look for these on menus, at the health store, and even try to grow my own (see below). High powered vegetables are too good to pass up!

– Veronica



Growing a Microgarden

If there was ever a chore to give your kids that they will love, this is it! Have your kids grow a microgarden and they will love to reap and eat the benefits! I found this awesome company that uses reclaimed wood and builds cool little microgarden pods so your garden can be as fashionable and ecofriendly as it is healthy!