Lunchbox Snack Solutions

Posted on August 6th, 2015

Even though my kids aren't so little anymore, I still pack each of their lunches for school every day. With three kids, aged 17, 16 and 12, I need a variety of delicious and healthy options. Many people don’t realize that the original Fruit and Nut Pure Bar was created in my kitchen as a lunchbox solution for Anna, my oldest, who was six and in first grade at the time. I wanted something very clean, nutritionally balanced and deliciously soft and chewy for her growing body. Today, whenever we develop new Pure products, I’m always thinking about the family lunchbox, as well as sports and travel. Even though I love to cook and am a huge supporter of homemade foods, I realize that our lifestyle requires portable snacks, and with four product options to choose from – Fruit & Nut bars, Crispy Ancient Grain bars, Fruit Snacks (now available at all Costco locations!), and Crispy Clusters – Pure makes all of our fast-paced lives easier. Compare each Pure product line including nutritional benefits by clicking here.