How to Eat Organic without Breaking the Bank

Posted on November 19, 2015

The organic industry is growing faster than ever, but barriers to the marketplace and costly production practices mean that organic food is still priced at a premium. Those considering making the switch to organics often lament the strain it will take on their wallet. Though some items can be costly up-front, the long-term benefits of eating organically grown foods will always outweigh any sticker shock. Here are a few tips for managing the cost of pesticide-free food, whether it means growing your own organic snacks, or purchasing from a local farmer.

Plant a Garden

To keep up with the push toward all-natural homesteading, garden stores typically carry a wide variety of organic seed packets. Most seeds cost less than $5 per packet, or you can save even more money by holding on to the seeds from your favorite store-bought produce. Planting an organic fruit and vegetable garden is not only an excellent way to lower your weekly grocery bills; it is also a great educational tool for kids. As a family, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor – literally.

Join a CSA

Look online to find organic farms in your area that advertise Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Similar to a co-op, a CSA provides a member subscription service that offers access to bulk savings on fresh, seasonal foods. Many CSA services are volunteer-based, which means you may have to help with simple tasks like boxing up orders or delivering produce, but it’s a small favor to ask for such a sustainable tradeoff.

Buy in Bulk

Many natural grocery stores offer nuts, grains, beans, and spices in bulk bins, so shoppers can buy only what they need. Buying less of an item means lower prices, plus bulk foods typically lack the branding and packaging that drive up costs on similar products. Due to the popularity of bulk bins, many grocery stores are expanding offerings to include organic items, nutritional snacks, and drink blends like tea or coffee.

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