Taking Control of Your Health: 10 Tips for Clean Eating

Posted on February 8, 2016

Eating healthy can be tough for people who don’t have time to cook or who don’t enjoy working in the kitchen. Eating processed or restaurant foods all the time can easily break a diet and simply isn’t as good for you as chowing down on home-cooked items. Luckily, for folks who detest cooking, there are a few ways to prepare fast, healthy meals and nutritious snacks that don’t require slaving over an oven.

Consider these great options for easy, healthy eating:

Smoothies – Easy to prepare, and chockful of nutritional goodness, smoothies offer a healthy alternative requiring little work on your part. Just toss two cups-worth of fruit into your blender, with a cup of orange juice, a cup of non-dairy coconut yogurt, a couple of tablespoons maple syrup, and a handful or two of spinach. Hit the button on your blender and you’ll have a delicious drink with the nutrition of a meal within minutes. You can also create wonderful savory soups by blending cooked vegetables with salt, pepper, savory spices like curry and turmeric, and some soy milk.

Crock Pot Power – Crock pots make for easy meal preparation. Just combine your favorite vegetables with a splash of vegetable broth and some olive oil. Add in some herbs and spices, salt and pepper, turn on the pot, and go to work. When you return home, you’ll have a delicious meal ready to eat. It’s an amazingly easy way to prepare healthy, great tasting meals, and you don’t have to be America’s next Top Chef to do it!

Think Simple – Meals don’t have to be complicated affairs! A simple meal of cooked quinoa or brown rice, green beans, cut up oranges, and some spinach tossed with an avocado can be put together in no time, and it will taste better, be healthier for you, and save you money in the long run!

Try Organic, Simple Ingredient Snacks – There are many great snacks that are delicious, healthy, and can be eaten for breakfast or to replace calorie and sugar-filled cookies and crackers. Opt for fruit and nut bars, organic bars, and other natural products that have ingredient labels that you understand, and be sure to try out different flavors to find your favorites.

Be Smart When You Go Out – When you hit the restaurants, think about what you plan to eat ahead of time. Find items on the menu that are healthy, and avoid splurging. Also remember: You don’t have to clean your plate; you can always box up uneaten food for later.

Who said nutritious eating has to be difficult? When it comes to the health and psychological well-being that stems from having a healthy body, it’s well worth the time and effort to put forth a little extra planning and preparation.

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