Five Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping

Posted on January 20, 2016

We often go into the grocery store with the best of intentions, only to leave with a cart full of junk food.

Shopping healthfully can be a challenge, even to the most health conscious consumer. Finding the best organic, healthy food and snacks can be tough, because there seems to be a never-ending supply of processed foods at our local stores. Getting the right groceries is essential to eating a healthier diet, and with a little planning and preparation, buying healthy foods and snacks doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Consider these tips for smart grocery shopping:

– Have a meal plan and list – When you plan your meals and make a specific grocery list ahead of time, you are less likely to make impulse purchases. Make a commitment to stick to your list, and you will have fewer temptation foods around your house and also spend less time shopping!

– Avoid shopping when you’re hungry – When you shop on an empty stomach, you are less likely to spend the time searching for the best foods, and more likely to settle for less healthy items. Have a healthy snack bar before hitting the grocery store to avoid making purchases you’ll regret later!

– Buy fresh – Shop mostly in the produce aisle or at your local farmers’ markets. Most of your shopping should be fresh, not packaged, foods. Look for the organic symbol to avoid harmful chemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Purchasing from your local farmers’ market is also a great way to get fresh produce. You can ask farmers about their growing techniques and what fertilizers or pesticides they may have used. Also, when you buy from a farmers’ market, you’re supporting local farmers.

– Read labels – When you are buying packaged foods, stick to the basics. Opt for food that’s composed of simple and straightforward ingredients. Look for foods that use minimal amounts of natural, rather than refined, sugar, and avoid anything with artificial ingredients.

– Go online – If you can’t find the healthy selections you want at your local grocery stores, try looking online. You can find a wide variety of great vegan and vegetarian snack options online that can be delivered to your door step, including fruit and nut bars, gluten free snacks, and much more.

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