Festive Plants To Give During the Holidays

Posted on December 10, 2015

Need of a last minute holiday gift or craving some lush green around the house? Why not be truly green this year and give the gift of living plants to yourself and others. Of course, the traditional amaryllis or poinsettia are pretty – but they’ve been done before. There are so many other gorgeous, easy-to-care-for options.

You can’t go wrong with herbs in the winter. They always look beautiful potted on a windowsill and will thrive indoors until spring. Herbs also provide a secondary benefit of being useful in the kitchen, and are very easy to find in most grocery stores (if you are a desperate last minute shopper).

If you want to give a heftier plant, opt for a small flowering shrub that can survive and look beautiful in a pot until spring when it can be planted in a garden. This may take a trip to the local nursery, but will be much appreciated by the gardener on your list and just about anyone who wants to spruce up their landscaping.

Plants can be cool for kids too. There’s something about a cactus that kids are innately attracted to, and the fact that they are hard to kill is a bonus.

For the artsy ones in your life, a unique and interesting plant can be great décor and even provide feng shui. So stop fretting about those last minute gifts and see below for my favorite choices.

Rosemary plant shaped like a Christmas tree –edible and so season appropriate

Christmas cactus, great for kids

Bamboo plants, coffee plants and air plants for the artistic ones in your life

Mint-wonderful for garnishing, making tea, adding to salads and so Christmassy

Miniature holly – beautiful evergreen shrub that has bright red berries and can be planted outside in the spring