Expo West 2014, New Pure Bars and Other Favorites

Posted on March 31, 2014

It’s hard to believe that this was my 8th year at Natural Products Expo West. My first year at Expo, I showcased Pure at a tiny table in the back of the last hall, next to the bathrooms. I had a vinyl sign behind me and boxes of Pure Bars on the table in front.

It’s crazy to think but I actually believe that being one of those small, broke, yet cool companies with a great product brings you more attention at a show like this than being one of the big guys. People are looking for the innovative brands not the fancy booths. I have always loved that about this show. In those early years, even back in no man’s land, I was discovered by some of my biggest accounts and I can say with confidence that Expo West was a crucial part in launching the Pure business.

This year at Expo felt amazing. We created a warm, inviting kitchen-like feel in our booth and although we had a nicer space than we did in year one, we are still the small, exciting, and innovative company we always have been. By introducing our two new products, Cashew Coconut and Peanut Butter Chocolate Ancient Grains, we showed that we are bound to bring better products to more people and places than ever before.

As a mom who lives in the world of natural food and cooks for a family of five, I am always super excited to see what other new products will make my life and my family’s life healthier and easier! I walk the show as a consumer in search of the next new, groundbreaking products to use and enjoy. Below are a list of my top picks and why I loved them!

– Veronica

My 5 Favorites

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale Unfiltered “You don’t have to imagine the ginger” One of my biggest pet peeves is fake products, typical ginger ale being a prime culprit. This drink on the other hand has bits of wonderful ginger you can see and taste floating around in their delish flavors which blend ginger with pomegranate, monk fruit and jasmine. Yum, I want one right now!

Beyond Meat This company makes plant-based meat substitutes. While I wish all their products were organic and non-GMO, I LOVE that they use pea protein instead of soy for their Beefy Crumbles. Oh, and it is by far the closest thing to meat I have ever tasted.

Jem Nut Butters As a vegetarian family, we pound through the nut butters. Jem makes raw, sprouted nut butters that taste like my grandmothers secret fudge sauce. How they make something so wickedly healthy taste like the most indulgent dessert, I don’t know, and frankly I don’t care. I just want more.

Farmhouse Culture I love anything pickled, and so does my digestive system! These guys make 6 varieties of super kraut including beet ginger, smoked jalapeno, and horseradish leek that will knock your socks off. Visit their website for out of this world recipes that will make you want to buy a case today!

Date Lady No fellas, this is not someone you call when you are bored Friday night. This lady makes delicious date and caramel sauces that are a perfect vegan replacement for honey or substitute for maple syrup. The flavor is so deep and intense; I can’t wait to use it in some recipes.