Electric Bike Craze...or CRAZY?

Posted on February 8, 2018

This summer, my hubby and I were riding an awesome Northern Michigan bike path when something out of the ordinary happened. An elderly couple in front of us on bikes were leaving us in the dust! Not only could we not catch them, but they were pulling farther and farther away from us. We were amazed at their pace!

When we finally caught them at a stoplight, we all had a good chuckle. There my husband and I stood sweating and heaving, and they were all smiles. They proudly showed us the electric bikes they were using as an assist to ride the trail. They were thrilled that they could ride as long and as hard as they wanted but had the option to turn on electric if needed. It was complete freedom for them.

I have to admit that as an avid bike rider I was wary of electric bikes when I first heard of them, but as I learn more, I realize it is a genius idea. Electric bikes are not about making biking easier; they are about making biking more prominent and more accessible. With electric bikes, biking to work or running errands becomes more achievable for everyone. Biking becomes not just a leisure activity but an everyday replacement for cars, and an active option for many more people. I’m excited about the future of this craze for the health of the Earth and for the health benefits of people being more active.

Here is one of my favorite companies: https://juntobikes.com/


- Veronica