Eating Pure

Posted on August 4th, 2015

Grandma Nell used to say “Eat things as close to their natural state as possible.” I think about that a lot and hear the same sentiments from athletes who know so well that the only resource your body has to build new cells, to grow new muscle, to regenerate and constantly renew, is the food you put into it.
What Grandma Nell said, makes so much sense. Real food gives your body exactly the tools it needs.

When I created Pure bars in my kitchen, it wasn’t to sell them. I didn’t have a technical or scientific formula I was testing. I simply developed it with my 6 year old, vegetarian daughter in mind. I chose ingredients that would give her rapidly growing body the concentrated, whole food nutrition it needed, and be delicious enough for a 6 year old to eat.

I used only organic, unprocessed ingredients, raw nuts, vegan protein, dates, organic fruit and spices, to create a high energy, nutritionally balanced, and deliciously soft and chewy bar.

Pure has come a long way since the original line of Fruit & Nut bars. We now have crispy Ancient Grain bars, Fruit Snacks and bite sized Crispy Clusters, all built on the same premise of real organic ingredients. There are no GMOs, no gluten, no dairy, and no soy, just Pure, whole, unadulterated food as close to the earth as possible. It’s what moms want to feed their kids, it’s what athletes want to put into their bodies, and it’s what grownups want to eat more of.

I think Grandma Nell would be proud.


Pure Founder