Blueberries Everywhere

Posted on July 18, 2015

In Michigan, where I live, there are blueberry fields everywhere – rows and rows of thick green shrubs sprinkled with bright blue berries. I grew up spending many hours in these fields picking blueberries with my friends and family, filling buckets until they were overflowing with fresh, ripe blueberries. Most of the time we just wanted to eat them whole and raw. It’s like they were too delicious to even cook with! But after our bellies were full and there were still mounds of berries left over, I watched my mom and dad create amazing pies, coffee cakes, smoothies – every imaginable blueberry recipe you could think of.

There is something very special and important about taking my kids to the blueberry fields and continuing the tradition of eating from the earth. Many lessons are learned from enjoying whole, real food straight from nature. These simple, inexpensive lessons are so powerful especially in this day and age of heavily processed food and technology that constantly demands our attention.

Take advantage of your local family farms and farmers markets, get back to nature, and enjoy the beauty and bounty of summer!