The Best Back to School Foods

Posted on August 8, 2019

Fall is right around the corner! Early mornings, late night homework, fall sports and crazy work schedules will soon have us all running. How can we all keep our energy up?

It seems like the busier we get, the harder it is to eat right. Convenient food is crucial and sometimes junk food is just too easy for us all to grab. What are the right choices?

Below are some delicious and convenient foods that can get us through back-to-school season.

Oatmeal: High in B vitamins (great for an energy boost), complex carbohydrates, and fiber. Oatmeal is an unintimidating comfort food, especially for kids. Try some with cinnamon, maple syrup, sliced apples, and warm oat milk.

Oranges: With cold and flu season right around the corner, the vitamin C in these fruits can help support the immune system. Plus, they are delicious so kids will eat them! I always cut up and serve orange wedges with breakfast.

Sunflower seeds: Feeling like a crunchy snack? Step away from the potato chips and instead munch on these little gems that are packed with B vitamins, protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Nuts: Filled with minerals like phosphorus and copper that help your body create energy, nuts also provide healthy fats to keep your brain and heart strong.

Pure Organic Fruit & Nut Bars: Our certified organic Fruit & Nut bars have 3-4 grams of protein and 3-4 grams of fiber. They’re delicious, soft and chewy snacks!

Bonus: Stay hydrated! I always carry a reusable water container in my car and make sure my kids have one for school. Dehydration can cause you to feel sluggish and give you headaches, so drink up!